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  • How do the term plan calculator and investment calculator chart your path to success?

    Shruti and Raman were friends who shared dreams of financial success and security. They stumbled upon – the term plan calculator and the investment calculator. Shruti, a meticulous planner, was intrigued by the concept of a term plan calculator. With a sparkle in her eyes, she explained to Raman that a term plan calculator is a tool designed to estimate…

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  • Econometrics Models for Forecasting and Analyzing Trends

    Econometric models transform economic theories into easily understandable quantitative data that is easy for decision-makers and users to interpret. Econometric techniques utilize statistical inference and mathematical equations to create models used for forecasting or analyzing trends; the field of econometrics draws upon ideas and theories from diverse fields like statistics, mathematics, economics and more. At the core of an econometrics…

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