Same-ball betting is quite common in Asian slots betting. This article guides you on how to play equal-ball odds and decode draw handicaps in detail.

What is the answer to the ball odds?

The same ball handicap is a common type of Asian handicap in soccer betting, also known as the same ball handicap or draw bet. In the same ball bet, the two teams are evaluated as balanced, and there is no difference in strength. This means that no team will receive an advantage or disadvantage before the match.

To read the ball odds, you need to pay attention to the numbers and +/- signs accompanying the winning rate. The number represents the level of winning or losing money when participating in handicap betting, and the betting threshold is 0 (i.e., no team is at the top). If the score between the two teams is tied => bets on both sides are tied, and your money will be refunded.

For example, if you see a match with the form “Manchester United vs. Chelsea +0 – win rate +0.95 and -0.89”, this means that the match between Manchester United and Chelsea is under betting. In this case, if you bet on Manchester United and they win, you will receive an additional 1.95 times your bet. On the contrary, if you bet on Chelsea to win, you will win and receive 2 times your bet. On the contrary, when Manchester United loses the match, you lose all your bet money. If Chelsea loses, you lose 0.89 multiplied by the bet amount.

How to play ball betting effectively

  1. Master information about the team before the match:

– Research the history of confrontation between the two teams to see if there is a trend of which team is trustworthy.

– Consider the change in force between the two teams, including injured players, new players, and suspended players.

– Review the team’s recent form, including match results, goals scored, and goals conceded.

  1. Track statistical indicators:

– Consider statistical indicators such as penalty rate, shot on target rate, and clean sheet rate (no goals conceded) to evaluate the attack and defense ability of each team.

– Check whether the two teams tend to score more or less in recent matches.

– Monitor statistical indicators of penalty cards and red cards to evaluate the disclipining ability of the two teams.

  1. Consider the influence of the field:

– Home field can give the home team an advantage, so consider the impact of home field on the match result.

– If a team has a good record at home, they may have an advantage in the football match.

  1. Learn about market fluctuations:

– Check the odds on different betting game portals and compare them to choose the address with the best odds suggested for you to join at the reputable betting address: 

– Master the rules and how to calculate ball odds to clearly understand how the house prices the odds.

  1. Use reliable information sources:

– Read articles, analyses, and predictions from football betting experts to get an overview of the match and factors that can affect the result.

  1. Manage your playing capital carefully:

– Set reasonable bets and do not bet too much money on a single match.

– Always have a capital management plan to avoid too much risk in bets.

  1. Practice and check the results of accumulated experience:

– Track your bets and recheck the results to learn from experience and improve your betting methods.

Remember, ball odds can be quite difficult to predict due to the balance between the two teams. Therefore, be careful and choose a bet where you have full information and confidence in your decision.

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