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How to Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another

Can You Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another?

Generally, people want to transfer data from one Apple account to another in two of the following situations:
• In the past, you shared the same Apple ID with family, but now you have created a new account for free use.
• You bought a new iPhone to replace the old iPhone and you created a new Apple ID for the new iPhone.
However, if you are wondering how to transfer data from one Apple ID to another, the answer may disappoint you. The truth is, Apple doesn’t allow you to transfer data between two Apple accounts. 

Luckily, the process won’t be complex and daunting any longer if you utilize a professional data transfer software for iOS devices like FoneTool introduced in the following guide.

Why Choose FoneTool – The Ultimate iOS Data Transfer Tool

For those who want to transfer data from iPhone to new iPhone using a new Apple/iCloud account, you can rely on FoneTool – professional iPhone transfer software. It can help you transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, applications, settings from iPhone to iPhone at amazing speeds.

Key Features and Advantages of FoneTool for Data Transfer

Easy to use: FoneTool’s easy-to-use interface allows users at all levels to easily transfer data between Apple IDs.
Comprehensive data transfer options: With FoneTool, you can transfer a wide variety of data types including contacts, text, pictures, videos, music, and more to ensure that all your valuable information is transmitted smoothly.
Speed and reliability: FoneTool’s advanced algorithm provides fast and reliable data transfer so you can complete the process quickly and peacefully.
Data Security: FoneTool attaches great importance to the security of your data, using industry-leading encryption technology to protect your data throughout the transfer process.
Customer Support: FoneTool’s dedicated customer support team is ready to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter during the transfer process to ensure a smooth and problem-free experience.

How to Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another via FoneTool

Depending on whether you’d like to transfer everything or selective files from one Apple ID to another, FoneTool offers you two options. You can download FoneTool from its official website, and let it help you complete data transfer between two Apple accounts.

  • Click Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another

The iPhone to iPhone transfer feature enables you to transfer photos, contacts, call history, text messages, system settings, etc. from one Apple ID to another. 

Step 1. Prepare iPhones

You need to connect both the source iPhone and the target iPhone to computer with USB cables. Please remember to unlock the both iPhones so that FoneTool can access your device.

Step 2. Choose iPhone to iPhone transfer

Now, double click to launch FoneTool, and go to Phone Transfer from the Toolbar in the left. Move your mouse over to iPhone to iPhone, and click Start Transfer.

Step 3. Enable encryption and transfer

Optionally, you can enable encryption to encrypt data in your source iPhone with the source Apple ID. Finally, simply tap Start Transfer to begin the switch task.

Selectively Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another

Besides transferring everything to another Apple ID, FoneTool also lets you preview and choose the wanted data to transfer between different account. Here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1. Save files on the source iPhone to computer

Plug in your source iPhone with the source Apple ID to PC, and launch FoneTool. In FoneTool, click Phone Backup, and choose Selective Backup. You can click each icon to select the files you want to transfer.

You are able to choose a destination to save these files by clicking Backup Storage Path. After that, click Start Backup to transfer data to computer.

Step 2. Transfer Files to the target iPhone 

Unplug the source iPhone and connect the target iPhone with the target Apple ID. Then, go to the Backup History page in FoneTool. Locate the files you just saved using FoneTool, and click the three-dots icon. Finally, click Restore to save these files to your target Apple account.


In conclusion, FoneTool provides a complete and user-friendly solution for transferring data from one Apple ID to another. Whether you’re creating an account, implementing a family-sharing plan, or just moving information across accounts, FoneTool has the tools you need to transfer your critical information swiftly, securely, and effortlessly. FoneTool is the ideal iOS data transfer solution because to its user-friendly design, comprehensive transfer choices, and devotion to data protection.

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