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How to Use Instagram Stories to Empower Your Audience

Instagram Stories provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses and brands to engage with their audiences authentically and personally. Visible to all of your followers for 24 hours, Instagram Stories provide various tools that let you express the voice of their brand through GIFs, mentions, photo collages, video, polls and quizzes in an immersive experience on their Stories platform.

To get started, click or swipe right on your feed to reveal options to add photos or videos in a variety of forms such as Boomerang (a burst of photos that play backwards and forwards in an infinite loop), Layout (a grouping of multiple photos) or Photobooth (four continuous shots that get stitched together into one Story). Plus there are options for text, stickers, emojis, filters and more!

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Stickers are an engaging way to add personality and creativity to your Story, with an easily accessible color wheel for quick color access when making stickers.

Alongside standard text and emojis, you can also draw with a brush tool, change text color, layer photos onto videos or create stop-motion. There’s even a location tag so your followers know where you are, link stickers for websites or shops to drive traffic, and an arrow feature which lets you share specific parts of videos.

Instagram recently introduced the ability for users to create question stickers that allow you to post prompts and invite followers to respond through comments. This powerful feature helps engage your target audience while providing insight from responses received – it’s also great way to showcase a survey or questionnaire you have developed!

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Add a number to your Story to keep track of responses you receive or use the countdown sticker to promote a limited-time event. Furthermore, adding a slider allows your followers to express their reaction directly – an engaging way of connecting with your target audience!

Stories provide the perfect platform to introduce the people behind your brand and demonstrate the daily operations of your business, provide an opportunity to take a look at a casino review India, giving your audience a closer glimpse into life at work and helping build loyal following. Stories provide a great way to do just that!

Stories is also an ideal platform to have some fun and share humorous or heartwarming anecdotes that highlight your human side. Additionally, Stories allows you to showcase any relevant hashtags or mentions you might have.

If you wish to hide your Story from certain users, tap the three-dot menu at the top left of your profile and choose Hide my Story. Here, you can choose to keep it private between just you, those who follow back or add you, as well as disable commenting from it.

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