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Introduction to Real Estate Classes in Orange County for License Application

Real estate license application in Orange County, California, is a detailed process that involves taking a real estate course, among other requirements. Real estate classes in Orange County are offered through a 135-hours course, which you can complete in six months or so. If you are applying for a real estate license for the first time, then you have no option but to complete the classes from a certified school. 

If your plan is to take real estate classes in Orange County within a short time and apply for your license, then this article is for you. Read it through to understand more.

Other Real Estate License Requirements

Before taking real estate classes in Orange County for your license application, consider other requirements as well. This will enable you to coordinate their fulfillment so that there is no delay in the application process. Here are the other requirements.

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • A US citizenship or legal alien permit
  • A clean criminal record and background
  • A passing score on the state examination
  • A sponsoring broker who is licensed

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Course

You should take your real estate classes in Orange County from a certified school to get a valid certificate that you will use to apply for the license. Check online to see all certified schools and what they offer. 

Also, consider online platforms because they are convenient and affordable. As you compare the platforms, check their package prices and pick one that gives value for your money. RealEstateU, for instance, is the most affordable online real estate course provider in California and many other states. 

Another consideration to make is the course package content. Some have different packages with the recommended course by itself as the basic one. You will find packages with the real estate exam preparation guide, real estate handbook, and other materials in addition to the course. 

How to Succeed When Taking Real Estate Classes in Orange County

After choosing the best real estate classes in Orange County, you should have a strategy on how to succeed when studying and taking the exam. 

First, be sure to go through all the classes as outlined on the platform you have selected. Cover all learning hours through a fair study program, and you will succeed. Also, you may hire a personal tutor to help you if some concepts are difficult to understand. 

Lastly, prepare for the state exam as you take your real estate classes in Orange County. Practice answering questions to gain confidence and understand how the exam works.

Benefits of Taking Real Estate Classes in Orange County

The main purpose of taking real estate classes in Orange County is to fulfill the requirements for license application in Orange County. But there are more benefits to taking these classes. 

One of them is to gain the relevant knowledge about real estate in California and across the country. If you check well, the topics are diverse and cover all you need to know to practice as a real estate agent. 


This introduction to real estate classes in Orange County is very essential for everyone who is about to apply for the license. It is a simple guide with insightful information on what you need to succeed in this process. With this in mind, then you are ready to get your real estate license and join the profession.

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