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Mother’s Day 2024: 5 Best Makeup and Skincare Products to Gift Your Mom

Celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is dedicated to the special woman who has nurtured us in the best way she could ever have. Expressing our love, gratitude, and appreciation towards her on this day, is a way to give her some special moments that she would enjoy year-round. Her simplicity would enjoy your company or simply Mother’s Day gifts shared with her. It is not just one day to express love to our mothers; on this particular day, we can make it all about her and pamper her with our love and gratitude.

People celebrate it differently. Some might like to express it with words, some may like to gift her a spa spree, or some may simply sit and spend time with her. Gifts, flowers, cards, cooking special meals–regardless of the way–the feelings remain the same: to appreciate and pamper the mother for the selfless love she showers.

In this blog, we got some special gifts for her that call for lots of self-love and pampering, right from white glow cream to a special Mother’s Day beauty hamper that she will love. 

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Vaani Kapoor’s Glam Box

The hamper box, handpicked by Vaani Kapoor, contains her favourites. It is showtime to reveal her effortless beauty secrets, which will surely make your mother fall in for the trends because of the ease of the product application and all the things good that they bring along. Let’s take a peep into the box, which has been curated with all the beauty essentials required for an easy and elegant look.

  1. Ecostay long-lasting Kajal (Black)—One of Lotus Makeup’s bestsellers, the kajal is known for its high pigmentation and long-lasting application. The smudge-proof kajal lasts for more than 16 hours. Define the eyes with the black matte finish and stay free all day without worrying about the kajal being worn off. Mothers are going to love this!
  2. Proedit silk touch glow strobe crème (SC2 Pink)—This high-definition crème enhances the skin’s natural shine without leaving any residue or greasy look. It can be easily applied as the base for foundation for a natural glow on the skin.
  3. Proedit silk touch luminizing primer – Proedit Primer is the perfect base for the foundation. It helps in easy make-up application, setting a base for flawless and long-lasting makeup. Its oil-free and lightweight formula blurs out all the imperfections on the skin and gives the right glow to the skin.
  4. Makeup Pouch (Lotus)—Keep and carry all your makeup essentials in the Lotus Makeup pouch. It is spacious and easy to carry wherever you go. The colour is neutral, and the added little shimmer makes it just like Mom, balanced and sparkling with love. 
  5. Lotus makeup sponge—The Mother’s Day kit also includes the sponge to blend makeup. The sponge is soft and delicate on the skin and blends the makeup seamlessly to achieve a flawless and smooth finish.
  • Proedit liquid matte Lip colour (PLC01)—Complete the makeup with a Proedit liquid matte lip colour that not only gives the right colour to the lips but also hydrates them. The lipstick sits comfortably on the lips, gives a matte finish, and lasts long against the long day, just like moms do in any situation.

Lotus Herbals White Glow Brightening Ritual Combo

It is the perfect skincare regime combo for brightening skin, curated with natural ingredients like milk enzymes and Saxifraga extracts. Moms love all things natural, and this is something she is going to love as much as she loves the best anti-ageing cream in India. The combo comprises four skincare products that revive dull skin and give it a youthful, bright glow.

  • Whiteglow 3-in-1 deep cleansing skin brightening facial foam: It helps cleanse the skin deeply and is curated to protect it from harmful UV rays. It is formulated with aloe vera extracts that help remove dirt and nourish the skin cells deeply.
  • Whiteglow skin brightening serum: It is suitable for all skin types. Its brightening formulation helps reduce dark spots on the skin, making the skin tone even. It is a must-have for the mothers – they need this pampering and the lost glow for all the years she has put it selflessly to bring you up. Just a pea-size on the palm, and there is the glow!
  • Whiteglow gel crème: It helps the skin glow naturally and keeps it moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. The ageing skin often becomes dry, and the white glow cream helps restore the lost nourishment and glow. The whitening and brightening formulation gives the skin the glow and nourishment it needs all day long.
  • Whiteglow night crème: It is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients that help the skin cells repair at night. Wake up with the skin that feels soft and nourished in the morning. Give your mom a little massage of this skin-brightening cream before bedtime and let her sleep by the lullaby she used to sing for you.

The Mother’s Day beauty hamper is the best way to make her feel special, whether she uses these or isn’t much into makeup. These gift packs are suitable for their simplistic makeup products and skincare regimen, making the skin glow naturally. Explore the wide range of makeup and skincare products with Lotus Herbals and curate your Mother’s Day gifts.

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