Sustainable, reusable bottles: Which brand should I choose?

In this day and age of increasing climate change, caused in part by pollution, never has it been more important to adopt more sustainable means of living. Without doubt, one of the bigger factors polluting our oceans is plastic waste. More specifically, plastic bottles. Although the exact percentage of ocean waste caused by plastic varies depending on the source, it is widely acknowledged and accepted that plastic bottles are a huge contributor to the problem.

Though some of the larger causes of pollution, such as deforestation, industrial pollution, and agricultural pollution may be out of our hands as individuals, pollution caused by plastic is something we can all contribute to improving.

The most obvious fix we can implement immediately is to halt the use of single-use plastic bottles and replace them with reusable cups and bottles. This, however, raises a further question: “Which brand is better suited to my needs?”

Well, rather than guess, or take anyone’s word for it, let’s refer to a recent experiment carried out by ‘The Edge’, a leading radio station in New Zealand, which tested the effectiveness of five different drink bottles. The purpose of this experiment was to see if the bottles could withstand heat of up to 300 degrees Celsius, and to measure how much ice would melt inside each bottle (they each started with 15 blocks of ice).

Without needing to name or shame the other brands, the Frank Green bottle was the clear winner according to the radio station, with only two of the fifteen ice cubes having melted – an extraordinary result.

Not only did the Frank Green bottle outperform the other brands in this experiment, but some go even further and claim that “no other cup or water bottle can match it for portability, insulation, and durability.” In addition to their functionality, the company also focus hard on being eco-friendly. Should any part of the bottle be damaged in any way, there is no need to replace the entire item. Rather, it is possible to buy the different parts of the bottle, such as lids and replacement straws. This helps even further to minimise any needless waste.

The following is a summary of some other reasons that Frank Green bottles can be considered better than those of its rivals:

  1. A focus on sustainability – the materials used are eco-friendly, and the company has a stated goal of reducing / removing single-use plastics. In fact, “Frank Green exists to create sustainable solutions to the single-use plastic problem” that currently exists.
  2. Levels of durability – these products are designed to last, and provide an option to replace only the parts that do break, rather than replacing the entire product.
  3. Innovative designs – only as innovative a design as is present in these products could sustain 13 of 15 ice cubes in 300-degree heat!
  4. Aesthetics and customisation options – customers can customise their products with designs, logos, or names, making the product individual to each customer.

With all of these factors supporting the claim that Frank Green bottles outperform, and outclass their rivals, and with a growing need to play our part in helping our planet, waste no time in considering their products immediately.

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