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What Gymnastics Competitions Will Be Held at the 2024 Olympics?

Fans of gymnastics are looking forward to the next Summer Olympics in Paris. Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampoline gymnastics are the three branches of the sport represented at the Olympics, and they are all fascinating to watch. Twelve teams will compete in a total of 14 different medal events for both men and women. 

Qualification for the Olympics

National Olympic Committees have control over who represents their respective countries at the Olympic Games. There are various qualifying phases. A total of 318 gymnasts will qualify. Five participants will participate in team events, as opposed to the two and four individuals per team that participated in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 

Two teams that have secured places after participating in Antwerp are from the United States and Great Britain. In men’s Artistic Gymnastics, the Japanese, Chinese, and UK teams have already secured places.

The USA may just be able to put together a dream team for Paris 2024 that includes Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Sunisa Lee. Gymnastic fans in the U.S. who love to bet on gymnastic competitions can do so at legal sportsbooks. Through the best sports betting app, they can ensure they get good odds and have safe and secure payment methods. 

Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics will be performed at Bercy Arena from July 27th to August 5th, and 192 athletes will participate. The first two days will be reserved for qualifications. Only two gymnasts per country can enter the all-around women’s event. Women gymnasts have to showcase their skills on varied equipment in four main events.

  • A foam-padded, long, thin beam puts the balance of competitors to the test. They must perform a series of flips, turns, and jumps on the beam. 
  • For the vault, competitors have to gather speed and use a springboard to launch into the air. They must hit the table with both hands and do various airborne twists.
  • The uneven bars are a test of upper body strength. Competitors must perform swings and twists on low and high bars and transition between the two.
  • The floor exercise combines dance and gymnastics. Competitors perform a routine to music and execute a range of moves, including leaps and tumbles. 

Men gymnasts participate in eight different events across six pieces of equipment. This includes Rings, Vault, Pommel Horse, Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, and a floor exercise. Only two male gymnasts from each competing country can enter the all-around event. 

Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics will occur at Porte de la Chapelle arena from August 5th to 8th. One of the facts about the Olympics you may not know is that only women participate in rhythmic gymnastics. The two categories are the individual all-around women and the group all-around women. A total of 24 gymnasts and 14 groups will perform in these categories. 

In the all-around women’s event, each gymnast performs a choreographed routine to music using a ball, hoop, clubs, or a ribbon. The apparatus must keep moving at all times.

The team event consists of five gymnasts, two apparatus sets, and two performances. In the first routine, gymnasts must use the same props, but they can choose a mix of props in the second routine. 

Trampoline Gymnastics

According to the 2024 Olympics schedule, trampoline gymnastics will occur at the Bercy Arena on August 2nd. The gymnasts will perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline. In the men’s and women’s events, 30 athletes will use the trampoline to perform diverse twists, bounces, and somersaults. The trampoline is made of synthetic fabric attached to a frame with steel springs. The recoiling action propels the gymnasts high into the air. The routines the gymnasts perform consist of ten elements. They are scored according to the time spent in the air, the difficulty, and execution. 

The level of gymnastics is higher than ever as the athletes’ skills keep improving. With new skills added to the Code of Points and a rulebook defining the scoring system, the medal chase in Paris is likely to be an enthralling one. 

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