5 Compelling Reasons to Introduce your Kids to Camping

Camping has long been popular here in Australia, a huge landmass full of natural beauty that is the backdrop for some memorable camping adventures for many Aussie families. 

Why do so many families engage in camping?

Here are a few compelling reasons to introduce your kids to the wonders of camping.
  1. Connect with Mother Nature – If you live in the suburbs of Sydney or Melbourne, your kids won’t get much chance to immerse in nature. The natural world is simply breathtaking and when you pitch tent for the night, spend some time looking at the flora and fauna; educate your kids regarding the wildlife and they should respond positively. Go for nature rambles and do a bit of research so you know what you are talking about. Be prepared to be bombarded with questions and give each child a notepad and pen and they can make notes.
  2. Self-sufficiency – The aim of parenthood should be to help the child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible and camping teaches essential life skills that wouldn’t be learned any other way. When children have to face real problems, they quickly develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, invaluable traits that are sure to help them in their adult life. Teach them how a good sleeping bag retains warmth and get them proficient in tent erecting, starting fires and reading a compass. 
  3. Bonding time –Those weekends you spend hiking in Hunter Valley will bond you as a family and this is time you and your kids will cherish as best family experiences. Long weekends are ideal for heading off into the wilderness, while the school holidays offer the perfect opportunity to spend time in the Outback. Rent a motorhome and you can leave the civilised world for a week and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
  4. Leave the digital world behind – If your kids are glued to their screens all day long, why not make it a rule not to take digital devices on the camping trip? There is always something to do when you are on an epic camping adventure; you and your partner can also benefit from a few days without any online activity. Setting these ground rules will give your kids time away from the web and that can’t be a bad thing.
  5. Broaden their horizons – Travelling broadens children’s horizons, regardless of where you go, if your kids can see other ways of life and other cultural values, this will give them a balanced outlook on life. Hardship is character building and when camping, you need to be very resourceful and make the best of what you have.

Camping is more than a hobby here in Australia, it is a national institution and if your kids have yet to experience sleeping under the stars, now is the right time to start.

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