Bagel and Lox – A Classic American Breakfast Treat

Food icons rarely match the iconic status of New York City bagels as iconic food icons. This delectable carb, known for its chewy texture and slightly sweet sweetness, has long been a fixture at breakfasts and brunches alike. No great bagel would be complete without its beloved Jewish cousin lox; both items are staple breakfast treats rooted in Eastern European Jews’ hardscrabble immigration story to America from Eastern Europe; already beloved snacks in their homeland, ready-made lox became increasingly popular due to being easily stored and transported long distances by 1800s when affordable smoked fish could be stored and shipped long distances – becoming one of America’s favorites alongside plain old cream cheese on an old-fashioned bagel for breakfasts and brunches alike!

Bagels and lox is an open-faced sandwich made of bagel topped with cream cheese, red onion slices, capers, and condiments readily available in grocery stores and delis of Northeastern United States (and to some degree Canada).

Before fillings are added to a bagel sandwich, it should first be toasted to help ensure all toppings adhere and for crisp texture in the finished sandwich. Many recipes call for spreading plain or flavored cream cheese (known as “schmear”) onto the bagel as an ideal base to which salmon and other flavors may be added later. If desired, herbs or spices could also be added into this mixture to give more depth of flavor to this classic breakfast staple!

Cold smoked is ideal when making lox, as this allows for the delicate flavors of salmon to remain intact while providing a rich, smooth taste. Glazing with salt and pepper often enhances its rich, smooth taste further. When this option is unavailable, other brined and smoked fish products such as chubs, sable, smoked whitefish or kippered herring can be substituted as alternatives.

As part of its toppings, lox typically features freshly sliced red onion to provide crunch. Capers add another dimension and fresh briny taste while providing salty brine-y sweetness. Finally, some herbs such as dill can also be included for color and an additional herbal note to the dish.

An assembly-line process makes this dish fast and delicious; guests can serve themselves when ready from a platter or board that holds all of the bagels and toppings.

Make a Bagel and Lox Bar

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