Plan A Grand Dawat At Home With the Top 9 Delicacies Served At Bucket Biryani

The festive season is around, and it’s time for a Dawat. So, have you decided on the menu for the long-awaited celebration? Are you ready with the list of all the key ingredients that you have to use for creating a finger-licking meal? Wait, this can be made easier. This time, you do not have to create a long list of ingredients. Instead, you can just scroll through the menu of Bucket Biryani in Bangalore. Here is the menu list that you can think about for a Dawat like no one has ever prepared before.   

Chicken Kebabs For Starters

Your celebration is sure to be remembered when you serve a platter full of kebabs to your guests. A dawat is incomplete without kebabs- and to add to the delight, Bucket Biryani in Bangalore comes into the frame with its one-of-a-kind kebabs. Order from the diverse options to serve according to everybody’s taste palette.  

You can also prepare green chutney and serve the sizzling kebabs with cool chutney, onion rings and mint leaves. Your additional efforts will add beauty to the presentation for the guests. 

Chicken Lollipop

Here comes the ultimate appetizer to add to your menu—the scrumptious chicken lollipop. Add a touch of culinary expertise to your menu with a deep-fried, spicy, and wholly flavourful chicken lollipop. At Bucket Biryani in Bangalore, you get to experience a range of flavours coated on juicy, succulent pieces served on a plate. In fact, the restaurant offers nine pieces at a time, giving enough servings for the guests. 

Mutton Fry

While the chicken becomes a mandate in the dawat menu, mutton adds to the feast in its own beautiful way. Slow-cooked mutton with tender flavour is the treasure that only true mutton lovers know. Order properly cooked mutton fry from Bucket Biryani, which prepares mutton fry and mutton pepper fry with its exclusive recipes. Serve it hot with coriander toppings, and there will be no better dish than this. 

Tandoori Chicken

The smokey flavour of tandoor shall never be skipped when it comes to any celebration. After all, tandoori chicken can satiate the taste buds like no other food can. So, order two plates of chicken tandoori from the Bucket Biryani in Bangalore and make your dinner table look tempting. In fact, this restaurant offers options of tandoori chicken and lemon tandoori chicken served in different quantities. Another Arabic introduction to the tandoori family is Chicken Al-Faham, a tandoori chicken slow-cooked on coal or oven. Serve it and enjoy the delectable coal flavour in the chicken. 

The Chicken Main course

Let’s move on to the next step of main course with some culinary non-vegetarian delights. At Bucket Biryani, you will find a variety of main course options like Hyd.Spl.Chicken Gravy, Hyd.Spl.Chicken Masala, Pepper Chicken Gravy, Kadai Chicken Gravy, etc. Decide whether you want it spicy, soft, mild, or a mix of flavours—the main course option owns it all.  

Mutton Gravy House

You can also handpick your taste with the mutton choices available in this restaurant. Hyd.Spl.Mutton Gravy, Chettinadu Mutton Gravy, Kadai Mutton Gravy, and Mutton Rogan Josh Gravy are among some of the exquisite main course choices. In fact, you can choose mutton gravy in contrast to the chicken and add more distinctiveness to your menu for dawat.

Chinese Starters To Add

Do you have kids coming over? Then you must be thinking about limiting the spicy options. There is an alternative to this as well. For them, Chinese food will always be a saviour. So, Bucket Biryani in Bangalore also introduces the wholesomeness of chicken and egg with Chinese delicacies like Chicken Noodles, Egg Noodles and even Veg Noodles. Also, there are more options of chicken chilly, Manchurian, paneer chilly, and fried rice. These Indi-Chinese varieties are always the people’s choice. 

A Grill Section

The grill section from this restaurant is a do-not-miss category for your celebration. After all, the beauty and taste of Grilled Chicken, Butter-Grilled Chicken, and Pepper Chicken are unforgettable. In fact, these are available in fulls and halves, so you can choose the perfect quantity of chicken for the number of people coming over. 

Biryani For All

The name says it all. The Bucket Biryani in Bangalore is a house of biryani buckets, offering the most exciting biryani to enjoy. For all the guests, the restaurant also offers multiple sizes of biryani buckets with choices of Feast Bucket Chicken Biryani serving 3 to 4, Mini Bucket Chicken Biryani serving 4 to 5, Party Bucket Chicken Biryani serving 7 to 8, and Mega Bucket Chicken Biryani serving 8 to 9 people at once. So, don’t hesitate to invite guests over because the bucket biryani has got your back. From starters to the main course, you can seek help to organise a whole feast at your home by exploring the menu from this restaurant. 

If you have a lot of guests coming over, then this long menu can help. But, for limited guests coming to your place, you can handpick the dishes from the menu. Pick some of their favourites, pick some of your choices, and create a menu that will win hearts. And yes! Don’t forget the biryani. 

To get these at home, order conveniently from Swiggy, the one-stop shop holding all the dishes from Bucket Biryani in Bangalore. Place your order on time, and the dishes will be delivered warm to serve hot to your guests.
Enjoy the dawat!

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