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Child Bike Seat: Dirt Bike Size Chart For Kids

Child bike seat is probably one of the most important aspects about finding the perfect bike for your kid. Every parent would always want to give gifts to their kids. You may buy them gifts to appreciate them for their excellent work, maybe in school, or you can buy them skills to enable them to discover more. You may be wondering which gift best fits your child.

A dirt bike can be the best gift to offer to your child. Every child enjoys riding, and none of them will fail to be excited when bought for such a gift. However, choosing the right side of the dirt bike for your child can sometimes be a challenging task. The best way to go about this is to have a balance bike size chart to guide you and help you make the right choice.

The dirt bikes are of different sizes depending on the child’s age. Therefore before purchasing the dirt bike as a gift to your child, you must know their age and age brackets; otherwise, you may end up buying an undersized or oversized bike.

Dirt bike size for kids age 3, 4, and 5 years old

Do you always bargain when you want to buy a product? A dirt bike that kids of this age use should be enough to handle. It should also function properly and be reliable. Even as you consider the price, ensure you go for something that is of high quality. That will enhance safety for someone using it and also last longer. 

Medium size bike for teens

A medium-size dirt bike has larger wheels and a taller seat height but does not have complete size wheels. Some full-size dirt bikes may also be considered medium-sized because the seat height is low. Dirt bikes with low seat height but full-size wheels are more significant for short riders.

Dirt bike for beginners

If you are starting out on a dirt bike, it is always best to go with a smaller displacement motorcycle. Smaller displacement dirt bikes have less power and are much easier to handle. With less power, these bikes are not as intimidating, and the power is more manageable for those who may be nervous or anxious about riding. There are a few smaller engine displacement options for kids with varying seat heights that can fit them. 

A 125cc four-stroke dirt bike can be an excellent bike for taller kids and more minor and lighter-weight kids as it offers a decent seating position without having too much power.

Reasons why the right size dirt bike is beneficial to your child:

Getting the right size dirt bike is not only crucial to your child but to anyone who will use the bike for riding. Parents can sometimes decide to buy an oversized dirt bike for their children, considering that they are still growing and have no plans to buy another one.

That may be because of the high prices of the bike. However, that should not worry you. Dirt bikes are meant for outdoor activities, and there is a black market for them. If your child outgrows the one you bought for them, sell it a second hand and use the money to purchase another one that fits their size.

Below are some of the reasons why you should buy a dirt bike of the right size for your child


Many dirt bikes in the market still use the kickstart method to get their engine going. ; therefore, it requires that the dirt bike be the right size for the kid. If you choose a dirt bike too big for the child, they will always find a challenge in starting it. They may strain too much, and that interferes with their comfort. That may discourage the child from using the bike most of the time and may not serve the purpose you bought it for. 


When riding a bike, not necessarily a dirt bike, you must balance it to remain in an upright position and move in the direction you want. The kid will only balance a bike that is of the correct size. If the bike is too tall for the child, they will always have trouble pulling it off and stopping it. They will not be able to control it and may fall. That may cause injuries to the child, and the bike may get damaged, which is a double loss.


A child may get scared of riding an oversized bike even before getting on it. A dirt bike of the right size for the child will always make them feel comfortable when riding. When the child feels comfortable riding the bike, that will give them confidence and assurance to continue riding it. Their ability to learn to ride and negotiate the terrain will also progress rapidly. 

On the other hand, when the child is not comfortable using the bike, they will always be scared of falling. That makes them lose confidence in riding and their learning speed below. Some kids are also frightened to the extent that they may refuse to continue practicing to ride.


For the child to control the bike, it must be of the correct size. If the dirt bike is too big for the child, not only in physical size but also in the motor’s power, they will always struggle to control the bike, which may make them develop fear for riding the bike. The child may sometimes fall off the bike, which may cause them injuries.

Big bike can also scare the child from riding for fear of falling down.


When it comes to riding a bike, especially for the children, their safety should come first than anything else and should be taken with a lot of seriousness. That is because they are still young and may not sense danger to take the necessary actions early enough. All the points mentioned above contribute to the person’s safety driving the dirt bike.

Child Bike Seat and Size Chart:

The best way to size a bike for your kid is by their height and the bike’s seat height. The motor’s power will also increase with the increased height of the bike until you get to a specific seat height, where you will find different-sized motors in that range of bikes.

Different Dirt Bike Size For Child Bike Seat

Dirt bikes come in different sizes depending on the age and size of the kid you want to buy them for. Below is a list of some of the most common sizes in the market.


This a great bike for the younger generation of dirt bike riders. The bikes are popular in the market and available in different sizes. One good thing about this bike is that the size can be adjusted as the child grows. That will save you from the burden of buying a new bike to suit the child’s age, which keeps changing as time goes by.

This bike is suitable for children between 3 years to 7 years old. Because these bikes are popular in the market, there are many secondhand them in the market. Secondhand bikes are always cheap compared to new ones. Therefore you can go for them if you don’t have enough money to buy new ones.

Here’s a kit that will come in handy with this one:

A 250

These bikes are known for having potent engines. That also makes them be powerful machines that should always be treated with respect and responsibility. These bikes may be 125 or 250cc.

125cc bikes are generally more than enough for most teenage riders. Because they have powerful engines, even adults can ride them without causing any problem. On the other hand, the 250cc is a modified 125cc and is meant for only teenagers. This is especially true if your child is a smaller framed person, is not tall enough, and lacks enough physical strength.

Kawasaki KLX 140

This dirt bike is best for children 13 years of age. The decision of which bike to buy will depend on the height and riding experience of the kid. Bu is most cases; this dirt bike will best fit them, especially for a kid of average height of about 5’1” and has no riding experience.

It is a four-stroke trail bike offered in three different heights ranges. This allows the kids to use the height that fits them best. Taller or heavier riders should go for the tallest of the bunch, KLX 140G. On the other hand, shorter and lighter riders should opt for KLX 140.

If you want a dirt bike for a 14 years child with riding experience, you would want something like KX250. It may be a bit tall for some kids because it has a seat height of37.3, but if the child is an experienced rider, he will know how to handle it properly. If it is too tall, you can make modifications to lower it to suit the RiderRider.

Honda CRF50F

It is the smallest bike in Big red’s CRF trail bike lineup. It has served as the first motorbike for dirt bike riders far and wide. Also, it has a three-speed automatic transmission, 10-inch wheels front and rear, and 21.6 seat height. And is user-friendly and non-intimidating for any beginner rider.

Yamaha TT-R50E

The smallest four-stroke dirt bike for kids in Yamaha’s lineup, it has an electric starter that brings the air-cooled engine to life, and a Mikuni carburetor feeds it. It is equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission and a final chain drive. It also has 10-inch front and rear wheels equipped with drum brakes.

Husqvarna TC 50 Mini

It has many motorcycles in its vast lineup, with the smallest dirt bike being the TC 50 mini. Despite being the smallest dirt bike in that lineup, it has many high-quality components compared to other types.


It is the first electric bike for kids in the KTM lineup. It is comparable in size to the premix-burning 50 SX. Its motor is 5-kilowatt and has six ride modes. The seat height is also adjustable, with its highest setting being 252-inches and the lowest being 25.7 inches.

Husqvarna EE 5

Husqvarna unveiled a new electric dirt bike for kids with its EE 5. It delivers two hours of riding for beginners and 25 minutes for serious racers. Its charger can take up to 70 minutes to fully charge the bike’s lithium-ion battery.

Factors to consider when choosing a child bike seat & size:

Choosing an ideal dirt bike size is an art that is not easy to perfect. It will take you some time. Additionally, if you’re passionate about bikes and have a corresponding YouTube channel, feel free to impart your biking experiences and insights to more fellow enthusiasts with YouTubeStorm. Below are the things to help you in your selecting the best child bike seat and other factors.

New or secondhand

A secondhand dirt bike has been used and returned to the market. That means it may have some problem or not if you are lucky. Therefore, it is not recommended for someone who is not yet perfect in riding skills. A good rider on a secondhand bike can perform better than an average rider on the latest dirt bike model. A secondhand dirt bike may also come with no warranty, and therefore the seller will not be held responsible for any problem you will find in the bike.

You should know the difference between a secondhand dirt bike and a new one so that you don’t complain afterward because you got what you didn’t expect.

Two-stroke or four-stroke

Four-stroke best suits less experienced riders better. On the other hand, expert riders are recommended to go for a two-stroke power delivery. A four-stroke always has more open trails, while a two-stroke is suitable for narrow technical terrain and requires more driving skills. Know the riding experience your child has before you buy them this gift. If they are beginning to learn, you can buy them the four-stroke. 

Shorter or taller Rider

This is when you should consider your child bike seat size. Dirt bikes have mods regardless of the bike you choose. Short or taller riders usually ask which dirt bike would suit them best. Shorter riders should go for rear sub-frame mods, suspension mods, and lower seat height. On the other hand, Tall riders need lower footpegs, rear sub-frame mods, raised seats, and high bend bars.

Size engine Vs. Experience 

People always get confused about which size engine they should go for. Many beginner riders prefer potent engines to boost their performance. If you want to develop your riding skills, you don’t necessarily need to go for a powerful engine, but you can be better off with a smaller engine. With that, you will be sure of not hurting yourself.

Having good experience can enable your child to control even powerful engines.  Ensure you know your child’s riding experience.

Weight of the Rider

Another important factor when it comes to choosing the right child bike seat size. The amount of suspension you need for beginner riders with less weight will change dramatically. Beginner riders should not start with a too-small bike because their weight could affect the suspension, but people often learn to ride faster on shorter bikes than tall ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a child bike seat, and why is it important for young riders on dirt bikes?

A child bike seat is an accessory designed to safely and comfortably carry a child on a dirt bike. It’s essential for introducing children to off-road riding while ensuring their safety.

Why is a dirt bike size chart for kids important, and how can it help parents select the right bike for their child?

A dirt bike size chart for kids provides guidance on choosing an appropriately sized dirt bike, which is crucial for ensuring the child’s safety, comfort, and control while riding.

How does a dirt bike size chart work, and what information does it provide to parents?

A dirt bike size chart typically provides age and height recommendations, indicating which bike size is suitable for a child based on their physical attributes.

Are there different types of child bike seats for dirt bikes, and how do I choose the right one for my child?

There are various child bike seat designs, including front-mounted and rear-mounted seats. The choice depends on your child’s age, size, and your preference.

Can my child use a child bike seat on any type of dirt bike, or are there specific requirements?

Child bike seats are typically designed for specific dirt bike models, so it’s important to choose a seat that is compatible with your dirt bike.


Dirt bikes are the best brands for kids, but they will enjoy the ride only if you choose the right size for them. If you still don’t know how to select the sizes, go through the article above to provide more information on how to go about it.

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