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How to Recover Deleted Word Documents

It’s unfortunate that “Microsoft Word deleted my work” may happens sometimes, but you
shouldn’t feel bad about it! This error and the recovery of lost data can be fixed in a number
of different ways.

Microsoft Word’s “Recover Unsaved Documents” function is useful. Enter the file tab, select
“Manage Documents,” and click “Recover unsaved documents.” This opens a new window
with all your unfinished Word documents.

The fact that this solution is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office Word from 2003
to 2020 ensures that you will be secure regardless of the version that you choose to use.
If you shut down Word without saving or the program fails, you may lose data that has not
been saved but don’t worry. We have a solution.

In this article, we will give four powerful strategies to recover unsaved Word documents.

Solution 1: Update unsaved Word documents using the software.

WinfrGUI, a free file recovery software, can recover lost or deleted Word files easily and
effectively. Its graphical user interface lets you go back to work without complicated
parameters and commands.

Here’s how WinfrGUI can help you retrieve your missing documents:
● Step 1: Launch WinfrGUI and choose the DVD with your missing files. Click “Scan.”
to begin scanning.
● Step 2: Select “Files Unknown.” from “Type” in the left tab. It will be easier to find and
rescue unsaved files. WinfrGUI simplifies the procedure by letting you watch the
sample and just click to restore files.
● Step 3: After choosing the file to recover, click “Recover” to begin. WinfrGUI guides
you through the recovery procedure without any complicated steps.

Solution 2: Quickly restore unsaved Word documents from temporary files

If you can’t find your Word document in the AutoRecover file, there’s another way to recover
it using the tmp folder.

Here’s what you have to do:
● Step 1: Press Win + E to open the file scanner.
● Step 2: Print “. tmp” in the search bar and find the. tmp file.
● Step 3: Select the Temp file from the search results and open it. Save it immediately.

Solution 3: Upgrade unsaved Word documents with document recovery

In most cases, if Word fails or closes unexpectedly, it will automatically restore unsaved
documents when you reopen them. You can search for unsaved documents in the left panel
under Document Recovery.

How to recover deleted Word documents in two ways

Recovering deleted Word documents differs from recovering unsaved documents. Here are
two ways:

Find deleted Word documents in the Recycle Box

First of all, you can find deleted Word documents in the recycling tank. If you haven’t yet
emptied the recycling tank, you could easily restore your Word documents.

Here’s how:
● Step 1: Go to the recycling tank and check that the deleted Word file is still there.
Search for file types such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, etc.
● Step 2: Select a Word file and click “Restore” to restore deleted Word documents.

Restore permanently deleted Word documents with data recovery software

If your Word document has been permanently deleted, the best solution is to use data
recovery software such as WinfrGUI. It is a reliable option that allows you to permanently
recover deleted files in various formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, email, images, videos,
and so on.

Here’s how to use WinfrGUI:

● Start WinfrGUI and select the disc or folder where your lost Word document is stored.
Start the scan process with just a few clicks.
● Sit back and let WinfrGUI analyze the drive thoroughly for missing information. After
scanning, use an easy-to-use interface to browse the results. Select “Document” to
view your Word file and click “Preview.”.
● Once you find a missing file, click on “Recover” for the Word file you want to recover.
Save the recovered document in a different location to avoid writing existing


Finally, this post offers five techniques to recover unsaved Word files on Windows and Mac.
Even without Word copies, WinfrGUI can recover lost, unsaved, or destroyed Word files.
These tips should help you recover lost Word files. Make duplicates of your Word files to
avoid losing them.

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