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AnyViewer: Control Another Computer Remotely from Anywhere 

How can I control another computer remotely for free?

The internet has given us so much convenience. Accessing your computer remotely has become significantly more convenient, enabling connectivity even when you’re away from your desk. There are now numerous remote access programs to choose from that will control another computer remotely across the internet. What’s more, a lot of the tools even offer basic features free to use.

AnyViewer is pretty straightforward to configure and free to use with many impressive features. This tool grants complete access to any computer it’s configured on. 

What you can do with AnyViewer?

AnyViewer is the remote desktop software trusted by many individual users and businesses. It offers many features, with some free basic features and a comprehensive range of paid features for professional use. With it, you can do lots of things.

Remote access & work

Stay productive no matter where you are with the ability to effortlessly access all your files, applications, and devices, without the hassle of using a VPN.

  • Unattended remote access: Allows users to connect to and control another computer even when the user is not physically present at that computer.
  • File transfer: Enables users to transfer files between the local and remote computers seamlessly. 
  • 4K multi-monitor support: Matches the ultra-high resolution of a remote computer with the display computer. 
  • Privacy mode: Allows users to blacken the physical screen and disable the physical keyboard of the unattended remote device.
  • Mobile screen mirroring: Allows users to mirror the screen of a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) onto their computer screen for multi-tasking. 

Remote assistance

Downtime for customers and employees is costly and frustrating. But it’s also preventable. Unnecessary travel, reduced productivity, and lost data can all be avoided by using AnyViewer to fix small issues before they become big problems.

  • Text chat: Facilitates communication between the user and the remote computer through text-based messaging. 
  • Sound synchronization: Ensures that audio from the remote computer is synchronized with the user’s local system. 
  • Time-saving shortcuts: Access shortcuts and features from the toolbar to customize your user experience.
  • Android support from PC: Enables users to control an Android device from their PC, allowing for seamless interaction between the two platforms.
  • Screen sharing: Provides the ability to view and interact with the remote computer’s desktop in real-time. Users can see exactly what is happening on the remote screen and take control as needed.

Devices monitoring & management

Enhance your IT efficiency by centrally managing, monitoring, tracking, and safeguarding multiple computers and devices, all from one platform with AnyViewer. You can prevent unnecessary downtime, ensuring your IT systems are stable, secure, and always running smoothly.

  • Screen walls: Enables users to view, monitor, and control multiple remote screens simultaneously on a single display. 
  • Group management: Allows users to organize and categorize different remote devices efficiently, making it easier to manage and access them as needed. 
  • Mass deployment: Streamlines the process of deploying AnyViewer across multiple devices or computers within an organization.

How to control another computer remotely with AnyViewer

Whether you need to troubleshoot a technical issue, collaborate on a project, or access files from a different location, AnyViewer offers a convenient solution. Here’s how to control another computer remotely free with AnyViewer:

Step 1. To begin using AnyViewer, the first step is to download and install the application on both computers. You can find the latest version of AnyViewer on their official website.

Step 2. On one computer, simply sign up for an account within the application.

Step 3. On the other computer, log in to the same account. Select the remote computer from the “Device” list. Click “One-click control” to start the remote session.


In conclusion, when it comes to software to control another computer remotely, AnyViewer stands out as an excellent choice. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, AnyViewer offers seamless remote access and assistance for both personal and professional use. From remote access and file transfer to screen sharing and device management, AnyViewer provides a comprehensive solution for staying productive and resolving technical issues efficiently. 

With AnyViewer’s capabilities, users can enjoy uninterrupted workflow, improved collaboration, and enhanced IT efficiency, making it the best free PC remote control app for mobile devices.

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