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MyRecover: Free Bootable Data Recovery Software

Many scenarios may indicate a failure in the boot process:

  • The system becomes unresponsive at the “Preparing Automatic Repair” phase or gets trapped in the Automatic Repair loop.
  • A blue screen of death emerges with “Your PC encountered a problem and necessitates a restart.”
  • A black screen declares, “Boot Device Not Found – Please install an operating system on your hard disk.”

Solving start-up-related problems is challenging. Even if a solution is implemented, effectively resolving the issue remains elusive. As a result, many users choose to recover their data directly using bootable data recovery software as a final measure.

Bootable Data Recovery Software for Free

When faced with a PC or laptop that won’t boot, the best solution is to download bootable data recovery software.

MyRecover, specifically designed for this purpose, facilitates the creation of a bootable disk, providing an effective resolution to this common issue.

Pros of MyRecover

Before you choose MyRecover for data recovery, you can learn more details about the file recovery software here.

  • Support recover over 200 types of file

MyRecove helps you to recover different types of files: text, pictures, audio, video, e-mail, system files, compressed files, and so on.

  • Support data recovery from different storage devices

In addition to disks, MyRecover can help you recover data from some other storage devices like USB flash drives, SD cards, and more.

  • Never change recoverable files

MyRecover will not change filename, format, and path of the recoverable files.

  • Find all deleted and lost data

Deep Scan and Quick Scan can help you scan and find all the deleted and lost files. Filter and Search features will help you find deleted data quickly.

  • Perform well with all Windows operating systems

MyRecover can work well on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

  • Friendly user experience in data recovery process

MyRecover has a clear graphical user interface.

Test: Recover Data with Bootable Data Recovery Software

Solving the above computer won’t boot issue is often challenging, but using MyRecover can solve the problem.

It can first create bootable disks to help you access your Windows system and then recover lost, deleted or inaccessible data. The tool is very easy to use and can recover data from unbootable hard disks using a data recovery boot disk without causing any damage to your system.

Test Process

Creating a Bootable Disk

After downloading and installing MyRecover on the computer. Launch MyRecover and opt for the “Crashed PC Recovery” option.

Choose the preferred method for crafting the bootable disk and then click “Execute” to kickstart the process.

Upon method selection, an informative window will prompt you to format the USB flash drive. Then your data on the drive will be lost. If crucial data resides on the USB flash drive, perform a file backup before proceeding. Once prepared, click “Yes” to proceed.

Wait a few minutes at this step.

When the operation is successfully completed, a confirmation message appears on the screen.

After creating a bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive, connect the bootable disk to the unbootable computer. Then, restart your computer in BIOS while pressing F2 or Delete constantly to enter BIOS and change your computer’s boot order.

Boot the computer from a “removable device” (bootable USB disk). Then press F10.

Recover data with bootable disk

Choose PC Recovery on left side. Hover the mouse over a drive and click Scan.

All the deleted and lost data are found. We also try the Search and Filter features to locate files faster.

After choose the files that need to be recovered, we click the Recover x files.

To Sum Up

If your computer fails to boot up, it is very helpful to utilize bootable data recovery software to retrieve data from your computer’s hard disk.MyRecover can be said to be the best choice for free bootable data recovery software.

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