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Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Home searching is an exciting activity especially if you are ready to start a new life on your own or with your family. However, there are pitfalls that you need to avoid and you can only do so by recognizing these errors before making your purchase. It is always advisable to have your trusted Real Estate Professional looking after you before making big decisions and in this case, attending an open house. In this article, I will lay out some elements worth noting whether you are viewing a residential property live or online.

Important aspects of an open house

You have seen an event that popped up on your email or Facebook Feed, you invited your partner if he/she is available this weekend. This decision-making is good because of good communication now that you are talking about owning a property to call your own. As mentioned, a professional beside you is an asset because they have a wide range of knowledge and a full grasp of the Real Estate Market. 

A small notification on your phone and computer can have a huge interpretation on a Real Estate Agent or Broker. They will ask questions like is the place a perfect place to have a property? Is it within the vicinity of key landmarks and establishments? Are there business districts and commercial centers around the house? And lastly how much is the property appreciation in the next 5 to 10 years? 

Hear out your Real Estate Agent or Broker before and after going to these open houses they can help you drastically pick the right home for you. Now with all of that in mind, here are the factors you need to keep in mind when participating in an open house: 

Check the environment

As you travel to the viewing event either by car or commute, it is important to view the neighborhood as a whole. Is the house in a safe environment? Is it part of a subdivision or beside the main road? Remember that houses should be within the vicinity of major landmarks such as schools, offices, hospitals, parks, and malls.  

The convenience of being close to basic needs is one of the great things when viewing another property. For instance, if you are attending a home viewing in Makati or Taguig you should familiarize yourself with the key spots around the residential property so that you know where to go when you will hang out with your friends and colleagues after work or spending the weekends with your relatives. 

Observe the presentation of the house

You need to pay attention to detail when going to open houses. Compare and contrast what they say online and what you see today. Is it the same? or are there differences? Inquire to the presenter when you see something odd in the property. 

Look at the home’s face value, is the painting good? How about the lawn is it nice? It is only one of the few things worth remembering. If you want to be more attentive to the property, a walkaround check of the property is also a factor, remember the property is something you’ll invest money and years of your life in. 

Use your 5 senses

Once you enter the houses you should activate your 5 senses. It is imperative to investigate and be critical of the house standing before you.  Use your eyes to see if there are any cracks, leaks, or structural damage. Check the smell of the house, does it have a strong odor? It might indicate that there are underlying problems such as mold and mildew. 

Feel the temperature inside the house, is it too hot or too cold? There may be issues with insulation and ventilation. Listen for any unusual sounds like creaking floors or running water. And lastly, use your sense of taste by checking the tap water for any abnormalities. These small details may seem insignificant but can greatly affect your overall experience and decision-making process.

Establish a system 

Instincts are vital but it’s not wrong to have a system. Before you arrive in the house you should have a checklist beforehand. This way you can track where you start and see the pros and cons once you check the house. 

Maximize the time you spend in the home, check every nook and cranny of the house. Is there an attic or a basement? Do you find the materials used in the walls and flooring strong and will not become loose or weaken through the years? How about the windows and doors are properly installed? Make sure that the fixtures will not fall or else you will shoulder those costs.  It is also helpful to take photos and notes so you can review them later on when making your final decision.

Structure and design 

A home reflects the lifestyle of its owner. Do you find the architecture and interior design lacking or does it fit your everyday life? 

If ever you want some changes in the home, always make sure that the structure is strong enough to withstand changes and that your budget can cover renovation costs. Remember, a beautiful home may have underlying problems and it is important to prioritize structural integrity over aesthetics. 

Investment potential

In this one, you need to have research skills or if you want to be sure, getting a Real Estate Professional is the right call. A Real Estate Broker or Agent knows the ins and outs of the industry as well as changes in the Real Estate Market. Let him or her analyze the situation of the property that you are eyeing and hear what that person has to say. 

Know if the area is prone to natural disasters, or if there are any plans for development in the future. These factors can greatly affect your investment potential and it’s important to have a clear understanding of these before making a decision.

Home viewing may be a challenging task but it is also a fulfilling feeling. This is one of your first steps in being an independent. The house that you are searching for right now is where your story begins. So, if you want the ideal home for you and your family make sure to be knowledgeable about the place and make sure that the property has no damages or issues, and everything is set in place. Establish a strong instinct with a system of discerning and uncovering whenever the presenter is hiding something or if the price is perfect for the status of the house. I have a strong belief you will have a place to call your own and it is just waiting for you at the right time.

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