Tips for Always Winning Online Fish Shooting Game at Jun88

Online fish shooting game jun88 is always a crowded area, attracting many bettors to participate in the experience. However, there are many new “hunters” who shoot without a strategy, so most of them lose money. So how to win this hunting game, follow my article Jun88 to know.

What is an online fish shooting game?

This is probably the easiest coin-to-reward game at bookmakers today. Just by using weapons to defeat targets that are fish and sea creatures in the game, players have a chance to receive great rewards. This game does not require reading rules or instructions, anyone can start immediately.

How to participate in online fish shooting game at Jun88?

To be able to participate in online fish shooting at Jun88, you need to have a member account here and deposit money into your account to play. Specifically, the steps to participate in fish shooting are as follows:

Step 1: Register an account at Jun88

First, register for a member account at Jun88 by accessing the bookmaker’s standard link, selecting “Register”. Then fill in all the information required by the system and you’re done.

Step 2: Deposit money into Jun88 account

Currently, the house does not have a program to give free experience to players. So if you want to participate, you need to deposit money into your account using a bank account or e-wallet.

Step 3: Join the online fish shooting game at Jun88

Finally, you go to “Shoot Fish” on the house’s homepage, select the game you want to join and go hunting. If you are lucky enough to hunt a lot of fish and accumulate a lot of bonus coins, you can withdraw money to your bank account immediately.

Not everyone knows the secret to winning online fish shooting games

Basically, playing fish shooting online is not difficult at all, you don’t need to read the instructions to play right away. But not everyone can do it to shoot the most fish and get the most bonus coins. To win this game, you need to learn and apply some of the following tips:

Choose the right type of bullet and target when shooting fish

In every online fish shooting game, there are many types of bullets and many different species of creatures for players to choose from. Each type of bullet has its own characteristics, suitable for destroying different creatures. So before playing, you should carefully read how to use each type. Flexible use of bullets will help you increase your chances of defeating the target and receive many bonus coins. Small fish should be shot with small bullets, big bullets should be used to shoot big fish and special creatures in the game.
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Priority is given to shooting new fish that appear in the school

That means we focus on shooting at schools of fish or new fish that appear on the table. They have the fastest kill rate, helping us use less bullets than the fish that appeared before.

Therefore, when you see the fish just come out of the table, you should shoot continuously at the corner of the screen to defeat them immediately. Especially when there are new fish coming out, just focus on shooting and you will receive a lot of bonus coins.

Use flexible strategies when playing fish shooting

There are countless different release strategies when playing online fish shooting games that you can apply while playing. Depending on the actual situation, you can choose the appropriate shooting strategy.

Some shooting strategies you can apply include: Shooting ball teeth, shooting peeps, shooting fish in groups, shooting bullets gradually…

Do not play automatic online fish shooting mode

This is a tool for players to have their hands free when shooting. But this mode consumes a lot of your bullets and is not very effective if you don’t know how to control the gun.

It’s better to shoot manually to optimize your budget and save bullets. You should only fire automatically when you need to destroy special creatures, have high bonuses, or separate unrelated prey.

Stay focused when playing

When playing online fish shooting games, if you want to shoot a lot of fish, you must play very focused. Along with that, maintain a good mentality, don’t rush to shoot when the fish start to appear. Observe carefully to see which one to shoot first and which one later. If you have little ammo, focus on picking small fish to accumulate bonus coins. When you have a lot of bonus coins and big bullets, you won’t be in a hurry to destroy a big target.

It can be seen that playing fish shooting games online is not difficult, the important thing is how you play. Please refer to the unbeaten fish shooting tips shared by Jun88 experts above to receive the most bonus coins possible. And don’t forget to apply a wise playing strategy, don’t foolishly shoot big fish when the number of coins in your account is too little. That’s just making money for the house.

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