What Are Internet Cookies?

Entering a new website, we either accept or reject the cookie policy. This action has become habitual, but not everyone knows what are cookies, what they are used for, and how they work. In this article, we’ll explain the purpose and functionality of cookies.

What are cookies on the Internet?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites transmit to the user’s browser. They are necessary to simplify interaction and make internet surfing convenient. There are temporary and permanent cookies. The former are stored for one session, while the latter are transmitted to the site each time the user revisits it. There are also third-party cookies. Their owner is a third-party resource that places its advertisements on another site.

What are cookies on the computer used for?

Cookies remember language preferences, font sizes, items in the shopping cart, user IP addresses, operating system and browser versions. They also store login credentials so you would not have to reconfigure the site and log in every time you revisit it.

Websites use cookies to analyze which pages of the site you visit, how much time you spend on them, and which buttons you click. This statistics is necessary to assess the effectiveness of advertising and content on the site.

Advantages of cookies for multi-accounting

Cookies play a pivotal role in facilitating multi-accounting by storing session information and login credentials for each account. This allows users to seamlessly switch between accounts without the need to repeatedly log in. Additionally, cookies enable personalized experiences by retaining preferences and settings specific to each account. Moreover, cookies aid in maintaining session continuity across different devices, enhancing user convenience and efficiency in managing multiple accounts across various platforms.

The problem is that many services check cookies before registration to check if the user has visited other sites, meaning they are real people, not bots. That’s why you should visit popular sites in your region before creating accounts to collect cookies.

You can manually accumulate cookies by making a list of popular sites and visiting them. Or you can do the same with the help of a cookie robot in the Octobrowser. It operates in headless mode, so it does not consume many resources. You should only send the robot links to the sites and wait for it to finish.


What are cookies on a website for? They speed up interaction between the user and a site, analyze visitor actions, and filter out bots. Cookies are necessary for creating multiple accounts in one service. You can collect them manually or with the help of the Octo browser’s cookie robot. With its help, you will save time and protect yourself from the risk of account blocking.

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