Why So Many Foreigners Buy Apartments in Bangkok

Bangkok is known as the City of Angels and is famed the world over for being one of the most exciting cities on the planet. A growing number of expats arrive in Bangkok and love it so much, they decide to buy an apartment and stay for a while. 

Digital nomads

A digital nomad would typically find an apartment for sale in Bangkok in a district they like and while they are abroad, they rent out the unit to supplement their income. Bangkok is probably the top city for digital nomads the world over; it can be used as a hub to travel to other Asian countries. If you stay in Bangkok, you are sure to meet many digital entrepreneurs who live and work in Thailand. 

Retired couples

If you are from a country with cold winters and a high cost of living, it is natural to want to relocate to the tropics upon retirement. If you take a look at how far a typical EU pension goes in Thailand, it is easy to understand why many Europeans retire in this amazing nation. It is easy for a retired person to have their pension automatically paid into their Thai bank account, which is what thousands of retirees do. Some live in Bangkok, while the majority prefer buying a condo in a coastal area.

Foreigners who are married to Thai nationals

A large number of foreigners are married to a Thai national and they decide to sell their assets in their home country and relocate to sunny Thailand. Many actually set up businesses in Thailand, as this brings with it benefits like long-term visas and work permits. Some are professionals work abroad for 3 months, then enjoy a 1-month holiday, which they spend in Thailand. There are many couples that have children and some prefer to live in the provinces, with small farms to support their lifestyle. Click here for tips on property management.

Choosing a real estate agent

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Bangkok, Google can help you find a top-rated real estate agent that has many fine properties listed on their website. The staff are all English speakers, so you won’t have any communications issues, plus they offer legal advice about the process for a foreigner to purchase real estate in Thailand. You must, for example, show evidence that the funds to purchase the real estate have come from abroad. The agent can guide you through the legal process, enabling you to become the proud owner of prime Bangkok real estate. 

The condo and apartment market in Bangkok is very busy, with listings coming and going; prior to viewing properties, you should list your needs and match these with a venue. Book your tickets and get ready for an amazing holiday while you find the apartment of your dreams in sunny Thailand.

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