Find out who Tra Cu Jackfruit is and the high-class purebred chicken farm

Tra Cu jackfruit A name that has been very familiar to cockfighters for many years. He owns a prestigious brand and a rare purebred breeding farm on the market today.

Tra Cu Jackfruit is a tycoon with a strong passion for raising chickens. He is one of the famous players willing to pay to own famous chickens. His name is no longer confined to the countryside of Tra Vinh but has crossed the border to Cambodia with his willingness to play. Let’s Nha cai new88 Find out more about this billion-dollar cock player!

Introducing the background of the purebred chicken farm giant

Everyone is familiar with the name Mit Tra Cu, but there are still many people who do not know his true identity. We have learned information about him and provided it to you guys to follow

Background of the owner of the largest chicken garden in Tra Vinh

According to the source we found out, Mit Tra Cu’s real name is Dang Huu Tien. He was born in 1978, in a peaceful village in Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. Since childhood, he has had a great passion for chickens, that passion has led him to become a billion-dollar chicken farmer today. 

In his private life, he is quite secretive, but he is always proud to talk about his gentle wife and two obedient children. His wife’s name is Duong Huyen Trang, a gentle woman good at home economics. She always has strong love for her husband and two young children. 

Mr. Tien belongs to the action faction, always has a lot of love for his family, and regularly organizes outings and vacations to bring the family together. Although his life has many bright pink shadows, he only focuses on his beautiful wife.

Biography of the famous name Mit Tra Cu

During the time he pursued his dream, he built his reputation and brand with special purebred chickens. These chickens are specially trained by him with many different skills. Each chicken delivered to customers has a unique class and a very high winning rate compared to competitors. 

Even so, he still wants to convey his hometown’s feelings into his brand. Therefore, the tycoon of the fighting chicken village combined the name of the place where he was born and grew up to form the name Mit Tra Cu, which accompanies him on his long career path.

Western class chicken farm

Mr. Tien, in addition to participating in classic matches, is also a famous chicken breeder and caretaker in the West. His chicken farm has a scale of up to 26,000 square meters, developed into 760 chicken coops combined with 250 drying yard barns. The camp will be the gathering place for legendary, super high quality fighting chickens.

Although the farm is large in scale, Mit Tra Cu always maintains the concept of quality over quantity. Every day he only exports about 15 chickens to the market, each chicken is well-trained and extremely healthy. Thanks to that, many cockfighters across the country have gathered here to choose a suitable partner to accompany each match. Each chicken will have 5 million VND or more depending on the level of purity, feather color, chicken breed, etc.

In particular, thanks to his wide connections in the cockfighting world, this gave him the opportunity to interact with many different breeds of chickens. He used the same relationship that helped his farm have many of the best chicken breeds, possessing special skills and powers. Here, those who love chickens can come and check out the best chicken breeds from many different breeds.
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Warriors accompany the boss 

Besides Mit Tra Cu’s popularity, his powerful fighting cocks are also highly sought after. These chickens accompany him through every battle that can be mentioned

The tiger’s first companion

When Mr. Tien entered the cockfighting market, this Tiger cock was the first fighter he recruited to join the team. Since then, he and Cop have always accompanied each other, fighting every match to win the top prize. The Tiger chicken always stands tall before its opponents, never flinching or backing down. The fighting cock uses the technique of stabbing and kicking to attack the opponent so fiercely that it terrifies all opponents.

The blue-bearded chicken conquered the billion-dollar tournament

Accompanying Mit Tra Cu is a green-bearded chicken, a young warrior who makes all opponents tremble. The chicken has the skills to quickly dodge attacks and attack from above, thereby conquering all arenas. He used to sweep billion-dollar matches with him, bringing home prestigious awards. Currently, on the market, purebred, well-trained blue-bearded chickens will cost between 10 – 50 million depending on the beauty of each bird.

The famous victory of Mit Tra Cu

Mr. Tien is a professional chicken player, he has spent a lot of time and effort to train famous warriors. The most special were the two terrible matches at the Thomo arena that took away a lot of ink from journalists. The match shocked the domestic and foreign markets and was considered a world war match for chicken tycoons.

  • The match between King Mit Tra Cu and Lao Ngoan Dong
  • The battle between Phung Hoang Ke and Anh Tien

In addition to these battles, Mit also brought many prestigious awards to his collection. He and his cock conquered every arena, thereby quickly surpassing other famous names such as: Lao Ngoan Dong, Anh Tram Liem,… Every time he took to the field, a resounding wave always welcomed him. , with the hope of admiring the eye-catching match of the century.


Above is information from Mr. Mit Tra Cu, a person who always burns with passion and nurtures it to develop strongly. Hopefully the above information will help you have more confidence on the path you choose.

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