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One X Player Mini – A Review of the One X Player Mini Portable PC Gaming System

Valve’s Steam Deck inspired numerous manufacturers to develop handheld PC gaming devices of their own, such as One X Player Mini which was announced earlier this year and made available for pre-order shortly thereafter. It appears to be among the most powerful handheld devices currently on the market delivering performance that even surpasses that of Valve’s offering while costing hundreds of dollars less.

The One X Player Mini is a miniaturized Windows 11 computer designed to fit comfortably in the palm. As such, it supports most games seamlessly and even runs non-gaming applications if needed. Unfortunately, certain titles don’t play well on it or experience performance drop off due to excessive settings – though fortunately the manufacturer has provided an exhaustive list of titles which have been known to run well on it; which should make research much simpler!

The One X Player Mini portable PC offers impressive performance thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 processor. Additionally, this device boasts Intel Iris Xe core display technology, 96 sets of EU execution units, and 16GB LPDDR4x dual-channel memory – perfect for portable use! This system comes equipped with a 7-inch full-fit IPS screen that features a native resolution of 1920×1200 and supports ten-point touch, making for responsive gaming experiences.

However, you may need to reposition your fingers from time to time in order to avoid accidental inputs. Additionally to the standard controls, there is also a series of buttons along the top edge which can be used for different purposes. One button allows users to activate turbo mode which increases frame rates for better performance at the expense of shorter battery life.

One great aspect of the One X Player Mini is its customizable RGB lighting options. A dedicated app makes this possible; users can change each side’s LED’s colors through this process. Furthermore, Microsoft has promised more customization features down the road; making this handheld particularly desirable to those seeking personalization options.

Most gamers, however, may only be able to afford the One X Player Mini as a luxury item on an occasional basis. Though more expensive than devices from competitors like GPD and Ayaneo, its cost still compares favorably to desktop PCs. As Valve’s Steam Deck will soon come onto the scene, this device may struggle to justify its high price point to most people; however, for gamers with poor internet infrastructure or who travel extensively and love gaming this could be an ideal companion device.

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