The Ultimate Football Over/Under Experience Only at New88

Football Over/Under has recently become one of the most popular games among users. Because this is an attractive type of bet, easy to predict and has a high chance of winning. Today, let’s explore with us a unique Sic Bo experience at New88 Please.
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Overview of New88 football Over/Under

New88 is a bookmaker specializing in providing leading sports betting services in Asia. Here you will experience unique playing halls, with nine green odds. Besides, New88’s reputation is also unquestionable when the company has brand representatives who are two famous football legends Roberto Carlos and Andrea Pirlo.

Football Over/Under is one of the gaming halls with the largest number of participants at New88. Players will predict the total number of goals in a match and compare it with the number specified by the house. In which, the Over bet is the judgment that the actual number of tables is greater than the given rate and vice versa, the Under bet.

Reasons to choose football Over/Under at New88

Although the market today has many units providing football Over/Under odds, New88 still maintains its position. This is explained by the outstanding advantages of the game portal that players can hardly find anywhere.

Beautiful interface

The interface of New88’s football Over/Under lobby is highly appreciated by customers. All navigation buttons are arranged with a reasonable layout for easy operation. Besides, the colors and images are also optimized by the unit to be beautiful, attractive but no less classy.

Huge promotion

By participating in playing Over/Under football at New88, you will receive exclusive offers for great members. New players who successfully register will immediately receive 68k into their betting account, with a 100% value promotion for the first deposit. Besides, there are also programs x2, x3, x5,… deposit money on holidays such as April 30, Traditional New Year,…

Fast transaction

The transaction system is the highlight that makes New88’s brand. The unit uses a modern server system combined with Apache Spark data processing technology to increase processing speed. In addition, deposit and withdrawal methods such as: e-wallet, scratch cards, Internet Banking are also applied to help players make payments anytime, anywhere.

Professional customer service 24/7

When playing Big Ball Over/Under at New88, if you have any questions or problems, you can contact the customer service department. Every employee on the team is ready to provide professional, historical support 24/7. Thereby bringing the best playing experience to all members of the system.

Security and safety policies and measures

Information security is something that is always paid attention to when playing on online platforms. However, with New88 Football Over/Under, you don’t need to worry about this issue. All data will be used by the house using the strongest firewall technology currently available, Palo Alto Networks, to prevent hacker intrusion.
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Besides, all information provided by customers will only be used for the purpose of operating the game. New88 commits to absolutely not sharing this information with other third parties except in cases where the law intervenes.

Notes when participating in New88 football Over/Under

Participating in playing Over/Under football at New88 brings many benefits. However, you also need to pay attention to the following things to ensure the benefits of both the game portal and users.

Do not use cheating tools

Currently, the development of technology has led to game cheating tools appearing widely on the market. Players absolutely do not use these hacking software to participate in soccer Sic Bo. If detected, it will result in account locking and permanent ban from playing.

Provide accurate information

All information the game portal collects plays an important role in supporting players and operating the game. Therefore, it is necessary to provide this information accurately and authentically, especially the deposit and withdrawal account. New88 is not responsible for any cases of not receiving money due to entering an incorrect account number.

Play responsibly

Football Over/Under is generally still a betting subject with extremely high chance. Therefore, when participating, you need to limit the behavior of going all-in and borrowing money. This will help avoid debt default that affects relationships and the lives of loved ones.


Above are the experiences of playing Over/Under football only available at New88. Hopefully this article will help you get the most objective view of this leading betting game. Don’t forget if you want to bet, please come to our game portal.

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